Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Sure Sign of Spring

Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone, the area we live in "is" Waldon's Pond.

On Saturday, 21 February I heard the bark of a Robin.

The next day I took his picture.

On Sunday, West and down over the hill from Preston

bunches of migrating robins could be seen from time to time.

One day last week I noticed a pretty scene. I went back on

Saturday afternoon and took some pictures of it.
Double click to enlarge the photos.

N E of Franklin looking W.

Kinda like water ripples or waves lapping at the shore.

Two things about this shot.
Indian camp area on the muddy (Cub river) and Moser (family) Meadows.

I figure from the print spacing these are coyote tracks.

Yellow, Red & Green Orbs. Interesting.

Bald eagles N W of Preston (There were 7 this time).

Starlings. Looking E up Riverdale.

Sunday afternoon nap time.


Michelle W. Nate said...

I loved these pictures! Nice photography!

DeEtta said...

Where exactly do you go to see all the eagles and what time of day.

Love your pictures. Thanks for sharing.