Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Stuff

This is where you go to see some old pictures of Franklin County People and images.

New food court at Stokes grocery store.

Well! New stairs & handrails out front.

Single click to enlarge.

Thursdays Snow storm was a killer. Thick chunky ice on the windshield was almost impossible to clean off.

A little cake is good, eat the whole thing and....
Some flower pics are good....

2nd south, 200 block.

1st S. 200 block.

2nd W. 000 block.

E. Oneida 100 block.

Flower box, S. Main. These buds pushed up a 3" X 3" clod.

Park entrance.

2nd S. 000 block.


3rd E. 100 block.

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