Sunday, April 19, 2009

May be of Interest, or not.

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Cool looking water print at Station Creek.

The Osprey nesting by the highway looks like it has stopped.
This Osprey was roosting next to the highway bridge by Riverdale Resort.

We saw some kids.

Did you know there is a cat house in Riverdale?

Big track meet Friday.

Two woodpecker holes N. of the hot spring N W of Preston.


American Avocet. 1/2 mile S of the hot spring, E side of road.

This owl is located on the highway in the river bottom.
Above the house with the light green roof.
I think the baby's will soon be see able.

A canal that runs on the W side of Preston, about 4th S and 5th W is about to be piped.

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RaNae said...

I've been waiting for these since Bev said she went for a ride with you. I didn't know we had ospreys around here.