Sunday, June 21, 2009

June Stuff

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Scene taken N of Fisherman's Bridge, Yellowstone. 6Jun09

Vixen fox with children. Taken at Buffalo Bills cabin outside
East entrance of Yellowstone. Their home is located under the front porch.

This is a shot taken from Hull Valley Scout camp looking up (S E)
to the top of Hilliard Canyon. 17 Jun 09.
I count 6 ridges.

This shot was taken from the highway about 1/2 mile N of
Smithfield - looking at Weston, canyon. Friday, 19 June 09.

Hollow logs at Hull Valley Scout camp.

Young fox located 3/4 mile N of redpoint campground, Oneida
Narrows. 14 Jun 09.

New pool at the fitness center. These shots taken about two
weeks ago, 6Jun09.

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Michelle W. Nate said...

You always seem to find the coolest shots. I love the first Yellowstone picture and the fox is great!