Friday, September 26, 2008

Home Coming Weekend 26 Sep 08

One Click the picture to blow it up.

This is a hops vine.

It rained last week.

Weston in the distance.

Friday afternoon.
N. W. of Preston.

Looking N. E.

N. W. of Preston.

Looking West, enlarge to see the train cars.

Home Coming Week, PHS.

Field prep.

Over view of field. We won

It's just around the corner. Those leaves have been nipped.

Looking East to Johnsonville.

Maple Crick

Saturday Morning
From Mink Creek to Cub River

Bear hollow, Mink Crick looking S. E.
By Croslin's
Birch Crick
By Dugway looking E.
Yearly round-up above Deer Cliff.

This elk was poached some time Saturday Evening.

Way to go dip S**T

At least the meat was saved for the needy.

Zoom shot, too many bees.

Foster Reservoir.
Over view of the bridge project, Riverdale.

Water born crud settles to the bottom,
clean water spills out, migrates back to the river,
no cruddy river water created.
That's my theory.

Riverdale looking S. W.

Riverdale looking S.

Narrows water is running clear with little floating moss.

Narrows trout. Right one 15 inches.

Narrows reservoir, hot springs looking south.

SD card full.

Have a good week.

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