Thursday, October 2, 2008

End of September, Start of October

If we see something interesting we will post it by Sunday afternoon.

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Fire at Big J's, see details below.

Drilling stabilization holes vertically through
the walls, pumping in special goo.


Status of S state by Monday afternoon
(looking N from 8th south)
Monday afternoon.
Actual action shot.

By Tuesday afternoon, the last layup of the
main project, on S main, was mainly finished,
mainly, around 05:30.

Just one little patch left.

There has been some agricultural action N of town.

Tried for a sunset shot over the Oxfords.
This was as good as it got up high.

Low shot looking toward Dayton.

Looking toward Dayton.

Looking toward Dayton.
Looking toward Dayton!

Seriously, the guy in the car stopped and asked
if that was my dog?
.......I smiled................ and said, "Yeah."


Some Preston area residents went to Alaska recently.

They said had a whale of a good time.

Some were really sea sick.
(pulling lobster traps)

They don't fight like this out at Johnson.

Was that a bear?

Two bears and fish were taken.

Some toothy grins.

A haunting lullaby.

Saturday Weather Report

Big J's Fire
Around 05:30 Sunday morning, the family
that owns Big J's was awakened to flashing
lights from fire engines.

It was theorized the fire started in a uniform
clothes dry located in the East end of the building.

Suspect washer dryer (looking S.)

Looking S W of same room.

Looking W out of back room.

North entrace.

Smoke damage.

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