Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Digital News of 6-12 Oct May or may not answer.

Some pics are enlargeable.
Will add more pics over the weekend.

Bear River bottoms.

Behind this tree is the old home of Jim Doregetty who, when living in Germany, worked as a painter with a guy name Adolf Hitler.

The big one is as big as a softball.

Will this movie be the next Napoleon?

Fer sel @ Adventure land.

Silver leaf poplar.
When the wind blows,
the back of the leaves show silver.

We also have silver leaf Maples around town. Same deal.

Parson's post hole Jeep.

This roof blew in from somewhere
behind the sheds to the West and landed across the road.
Beckstead Lane.

Is this a bad sign?

This is a working water pump.

Deer season opened.

Turkey's behind a house on the East Franklin bench.

South end of Little Mountain.

South end of Little Mountain.

Boo house, North of Franklin.

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