Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7 March, 2012 Preston Grain Growers Catches Fire

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By 16:00 the upper portion of the fire was engulfing the top 25% of the building. When these pictures were taken around 17:00, the top portion was gone.
A dark brown plume of smoke with orange fire could be seen from most areas of Cache Valley.
One eye witness who works here said he was loading a truck and looked over to see smoke billowing out from under the lower eves. Another said someone was doing maintenance work but wasn't sure if that was the source cause of the conflagration.

A shaky video of the area taken from corner of old Tractor/Milo's/Chinese restaurant building.

Above: Looking S W.
Above: Looking S E.
Above: Onlookers N W of Fire.
Looking S W.
Looking S E.
Looking S E.
Looking S E.
Looking S E.
Looking S E.
Looking S E. In years past the building on the left housed kerosene etc.

Looking S W.
Looking S E. Spraying from west side of mill.
Looking S W.

Looking W
Detour sent traffic up 1st E.

Looking N W to the right of main building.

Looking N W. Fire was behind the high point seen above.
Looking N W. West side of mill.

West side of mill.
Looking N E from West side of mill.
West of mill.
West of mill looking S E.

Looking N W. Commodity shed in back ground.
Looking S E Smoke is now coming out of the old store building now.
Looking N E.
Looking N W as sun is starting to set.

Looking W.
Around sunset looking W and a bit S.
S W view from Stokes.


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Great pictures!

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