Friday, March 16, 2012

Cougar Caught in Preston Friday Morning 16 Mar 2012

Around 06:00 Friday morning Nancy Beckstead, was heading to her job at the Preston Post office. Heading East through the light on Oneida, she turned her car headlight to verify she had seen what she thought she saw. Walking along on the N. side of the side walk was a mountain lion. She said it tried to get away by ducking into the small entrances to buildings along the way. She called it in.

A few minutes later the lion, which was some where by South Fork Hardware (old Anderson Lumber) by now ran out into the street and was gently bumped by a car driven by Louis Mendoza. The cat ran W. and at one point unsuccessfully tried to jump through a plate glass window at or by U&I. The cat headed South and ducked W. by the NAPA store where it jumped an 8' chain link fence. Louis called it in and drove around behind the NAPA store to locate the animal. The cat had gone slightly N. Westerly from the fence about 90 yards where another tall fence stopped it. The cat held tight there as officers/fish and game and some local cat wranglers laid plans to capture the cat. While waiting for something to happen onlookers (myself included) laughed as they saw a scraggly house cat running from the area.

The cat was taken somewhere Westerly to be released by F&G officers.

The rest of the story is told in the following pictures & video.

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RaNae said...

Loved the "rest of the story." Thx. Great video too. I recognized the voices of the "cat wranglers."